Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My life's not interesting enough to have a blog....

Hi everyone! Well, I haven't posted anything recently but I thought I'd add what few pictures I have taken lately.

Here is a picture (albeit a bad picture- I took this while actually holding her) of Matt and Tamara's darling new baby Ruth born in early June. She is so cute and good natured. Hopefully those genes run in the family. :)

This picture was taken the night before Shelley left on her long road trip to Washington DC. I sure am going to miss her! It was so fun hanging out with the Hawkes family all summer.

A picture with Shelley and Alex's kids Gabriela and Andrew.

Another baby was also born into the family this summer. This is a picture of me at the hospital with Natalie and Dallan's baby Lily. Thats right- two babies born with dark hair!! Maybe there is hope for me after all....