Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gaby's Baptism

Congratulations to Gabriela who got baptized on December 28th! I'm so glad that she decided to do it in California where Jared and I were able to attend. I can't believe how beautiful and mature she is. It seems like yesterday she was the sweet little gabbing 2 year old. Just for fun, I'm including a picture of Gabriela from when Christmas when she was little. (sorry- I'm too lazy to get the picture properly scanned so it's not very good quality)

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Even if Christmas is now over.....
Yea, life has been crazy lately so I haven't had time to keep up with the blog. But I am happy to announce that I am now unemployed (or you could say my occupation is now "full-time baby grower") so I will have more time to update the blog.

Even though it is now after Christmas, I still wanted to post these pictures:

Jared was sweet enough to help me again this year with buying a fresh Christmas tree. I love having a real tree. I'll be the first to admit it's a pain but its worth it for the wonderful smell all month.

Here is a close up of some of the tree ornaments, including my favorites- a cute "J" "B" and "E" that Jared's mom bought us last year. Thanks again Julie!

Since we bought the tree at Rite Aid for only $20, it has a cheaper type of pine and it had these weird branches coming out at the top, but I thought I cleverly disguised them with these stars.

These are the Christmas stockings I bought this year and put our names on. And thanks to my mom for giving us some Christmas presents early so that I actually had something to put in the stockings!

It's too fun to decorate for Christmas, so I did it even though I knew we were going to be in California this year. And boy was that nice- I didn't miss the snow for a second! It was so fun at Jared's parents house in Corona. We love vacationing there. We get the perfect mix of fun activities and just relaxing. And Jared's parents are so sweet to still pay when we go out to eat, etc. We definitely get spoiled when we spend time with them.

The best part of the trip was that we also got to visit Jared's grandparents and Aunt Lisa, and also my brother Chet and sister Shelley, as well as my parents who were all in Temecula where Chet just relocated. It was so fun to see Chet and Shelley's cute kids. And I got to show off my now very prominent baby belly.

The only down side to vacationing is when you have to come back home again! Especially since we turned off the heat in our apartment while we were gone. Check out what temperature it was when we got back on Monday night.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Well, I had my ultrasound on Friday to determine the baby's sex. For those who haven't heard yet- Its a Boy!!!

Here are pictures from the ultrasound so you can see for yourself:

Here is a picture of the baby's right arm. It's cute because you can see the little fingers.

This is a picture of the baby's left arm. This is Jared's favorite picture because it looks like he is flexing.

Here is the baby's face. This picture just shows the skeleton so it kinda creeps me out.

It's definitely a boy! He was giving the nurse a hard time finding his crotch and she kept having to push on my stomach to get him to move around, but she persisted until she finally got this shot. I know its weird, but I really think the little penis is cute.

I'm so excited that its a boy. I can't wait to hold him when he's finally here :)

To celebrate the announcement of his man-child Jared (and I) made this cake and he took it to work. He also took some celebratory "slim-jim" cigars in a cigar box we found at Savers.

Jared Likes to Stalk Children

A while ago Jared grew a beard for about 5 weeks. He says he did it just for fun (but there might be a little element of laziness in there too).
When he finally shaved it, he left a mustache for one day. What we are left with is a picture of what Jared would look like if he were a pedophile.
Ah, memories...

Jared displaying the "pedo-smile" with his "molest-ache"

Jared's mustache makes me laugh because it makes him look so much like his dad, who famously carried one. The only difference is that Jared gets red facial hair. By the way- make sure to notice cute baby Jared. I will definitely have to get that outfit for our boys.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

First Time Poster

So I've decided to finally post an entry on here. (This is Jared btw). And to distinguish my posts from Britt's I'll write in bold and Trebuchet (mostly because it's a cool word). Whenever I post, I'll mostly contribute pictures:


pictures that link to videos:

and perhaps even audio links (but what are we, cavemen?):

I've noticed that most of the pictures of me on this page are of an unkempt, half-bearded goon. Here's one I think we can all agree on:

Eh voilĂ !

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My life's not interesting enough to have a blog....

Hi everyone! Well, I haven't posted anything recently but I thought I'd add what few pictures I have taken lately.

Here is a picture (albeit a bad picture- I took this while actually holding her) of Matt and Tamara's darling new baby Ruth born in early June. She is so cute and good natured. Hopefully those genes run in the family. :)

This picture was taken the night before Shelley left on her long road trip to Washington DC. I sure am going to miss her! It was so fun hanging out with the Hawkes family all summer.

A picture with Shelley and Alex's kids Gabriela and Andrew.

Another baby was also born into the family this summer. This is a picture of me at the hospital with Natalie and Dallan's baby Lily. Thats right- two babies born with dark hair!! Maybe there is hope for me after all....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Demolition Derby

On Saturday night, Jared surprised me by taking me to one of my favorite things to do- a Demolition Derby!! It was so rad!!! If you've never been to one, it's definitely something you have to do before you die. Don't forget the cut off jeans (which Jared wore) and the bright blue eyeshadow (which I wore) and go spend a night having fun with some rednecks.

Here are my favorite pictures of the night:

This car was completely driven onto the cement barrier (which you can see is now tipped over). The funniest part is that after this round was over, they had to make an announcement saying "Drivers- please remember that once a car is pushed onto the barrier, do not continue to ram into that car."

Look at the back end of this car! Its amazing to see just how much damage can be inflicted on a car and it is still able to drive. I think the driver of this car was awarded "most aggressive driver" this round. (Isn't that rad that they actually give out awards for that!)

Here is how the undriveable cars were taken out of the arena- with a huge bulldozer.

This was my favorite crash of the night. This car was actually pushed through the cement barrier and into the cement wall surrounding the stadium. It's good to know that the kids are nice and safe... If thats not enough, all through the night the announcer kept going into the arena in between the rounds and finding mangled metal car pieces and shattered bumpers to give to the kids--what he called "derby treasures".

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Alaska Trip

From June 6th to June 14th Jared and I went on an awesome cruise to Alaska. Here are some cool pictures from our trip:

This is our cruise ship- The Amsterdam. On the Holland America cruise line, all their ships end in the letters "dam" so they call them "dam ships". That joke is very appropriate for my family :)

Here I am "sunbathing" before they let us out into Juneau.

Here is a picture of Juneau from the ship. It's really not that big of a city and I can see why because the entire town is hugging the mountain. They have nowhere to expand.

In Juneau Jared and I went on a zipline (thanks Julie!). It was really fun although that first jump was so scary!

Jared on the zipline. He is so light that at one point he stopped on the line before reaching the platform and the guide had to hurry and throw him a rope and pull him in. It was pretty funny.

Here I am on the zipline. I kept turning in circles without meaning to.

This is the Tracy Arm Glacier we sailed by. It was so pretty and there were waterfalls everywhere along the way.

Our second stop was in Sitka. Here is Jared by a cool canoe.

There were tons of really old Totem Poles in Sitka.

This was my favorite thing in Sitka. It's this really cool Orthodox church from when Russians settled in this town and the missionaries tried to convert all the natives.

Jared and I were wandering around the town and we went on a walk through this cool forest. It was so green and beautiful there. And Jared kept gawking at these 6 inch nasty slugs.

Jared with his walking stick.

As much as I loved Alaska, my favorite stop was Victoria, Canada. It was so beautiful there! They really take pride in their landscaping and they have parks everywhere. It must not be that hard though- its so humid that plants just grow like crazy. Here is a picture of a famous hotel there called "The Empress".

The capital building in Victoria. It was really cute at night- there are over 3,000 Christmas lights all over it.

Of coarse we couldn't go to Victoria without going to Butchart Gardens. And they were amazing!! Its such a beautiful garden. This is a picture of us at my favorite part called the "Sunken Garden". The Butchart's got all their money from a concrete factory and they mined limestone in this area. Thus this gigantic pit was created and Mrs. Butchart was committed to not leaving the land depleted so they hauled in tons of topsoil and she built this unbelievable garden there.

Near the Sunken Garden was this huge fountain. It looks really small in the picture but the water shoots up to 40+ feet. It was so cool- like the Bellaggio fountain except instead of being in the middle of Vegas you are in this quite area with huge cliffs and waterfalls coming down near it.

This is in an area of the gardens that is made to look like Japanese gardens. That was one of the cool things about this place. Because Butchart Gardens is 100 years old, the plants are a lot more mature (which is necesary with Bonsai).

In the Japanese garden there were tons of cool little walkways that wound around streams and ponds like this.

This is the Italian garden area. In the middle there is a reflecting pool. There were also cool statues everywhere in this area.

This is my favorite picture I took at Butchart Gardens. I was upset that our ship docked at Victoria in the evening (we were at the gardens from 8 to 10 pm!) but at least that made for this pretty picture at sunset.

After our cruise docked, Jared and I spent a couple days in Seattle. It was really fun- we went to all sorts of museums. We really got to see a lot of fun stuff (even if I did waste Friday night obsessively reading Stephanie Meyers latest book). Here is a picture of the downtown area from the Space Needle.

Jared, Julie and me at the top of the Space Needle. It was so fun to be with Jared's parents the second day we were in Seattle.

Joining the Bandwagon

So I'm awful at keeping in touch, so I thought I'd start a blog to keep everyone updated on what the Erbs are up to. Enjoy!