Monday, March 2, 2009

Not Long Now....

Hello everyone! As of today I only have 2 weeks until my due date. Crazy!!

Jared and I thought we'd have a little contest before he is born. We want everyone to leave a comment on this post with your guess as to how much the baby will weigh. There will be a prize for whoever has the closest guess (although we haven't quite figured out yet what that prize will be...).

Jared thought it would be helpful for your guesses if I posted some pictures of my tummy's progression. So here are some photos:

I think I am about half way into my pregnancy in this photo. Yea- I totally thought I was huge. If I'd only known what was yet to come.....

I have 10 weeks to go in this photo.

Jared took this last week when I had 3 weeks to go. If you look at my maternity photos in the last posting (taken the week before this) you can tell I friggin' exploded in one week's time.

This picture was taken today now that I have 2 weeks to go. You can almost see the spot where he is kicking me in the ribs...(J/K).

Thanks everyone and good luck with your guesses!!