Monday, October 20, 2008


Well, I had my ultrasound on Friday to determine the baby's sex. For those who haven't heard yet- Its a Boy!!!

Here are pictures from the ultrasound so you can see for yourself:

Here is a picture of the baby's right arm. It's cute because you can see the little fingers.

This is a picture of the baby's left arm. This is Jared's favorite picture because it looks like he is flexing.

Here is the baby's face. This picture just shows the skeleton so it kinda creeps me out.

It's definitely a boy! He was giving the nurse a hard time finding his crotch and she kept having to push on my stomach to get him to move around, but she persisted until she finally got this shot. I know its weird, but I really think the little penis is cute.

I'm so excited that its a boy. I can't wait to hold him when he's finally here :)

To celebrate the announcement of his man-child Jared (and I) made this cake and he took it to work. He also took some celebratory "slim-jim" cigars in a cigar box we found at Savers.

Jared Likes to Stalk Children

A while ago Jared grew a beard for about 5 weeks. He says he did it just for fun (but there might be a little element of laziness in there too).
When he finally shaved it, he left a mustache for one day. What we are left with is a picture of what Jared would look like if he were a pedophile.
Ah, memories...

Jared displaying the "pedo-smile" with his "molest-ache"

Jared's mustache makes me laugh because it makes him look so much like his dad, who famously carried one. The only difference is that Jared gets red facial hair. By the way- make sure to notice cute baby Jared. I will definitely have to get that outfit for our boys.