Monday, January 18, 2010

The House

Yep, that's right. I am finally posting pictures of our house!!
It's located in Lehi north of Utah Lake. We have been living here since September of last year.

Here is the view of the house from the street.

This is the view from the front door looking into the living room.

The opposite side of the living room- it has built in shelving and a fireplace. By the way- I made this fireplace swag and the wreath on the front door from cuttings off a shrub in the front yard. If anyone wants to learn how to do them let me know :) .

The kitchen! I'd never believed the saying "its the kitchen that sells the house" until I saw this kitchen.... This house was a model for the housing development so it has some fun upgrades like hardwood floors.
The small dining area off the kitchen.
This is the view from the window by the kitchen table. There is a sliding glass door with a little patio. Further back is a fire pit next to a raised flower bed. On the opposite side of the yard is another raised bed for a garden.
This is the family room with a half bath on the right.
The master bedroom.
Ahh... To finally have a closet that is bigger than a hole in the wall..
The master bath. It has two sinks with a jetted tub and standing shower which you can kind of see on the right.
The second bathroom upstairs.
The guest room/craft room.
Its much easier than I would have thought to fill three tables with craft supplies...
Jared's office (which he hasn't allowed me to decorate so it subsequently still has no pictures hanging up).
Another view. When we moved in there was an ugly wallpaper border which we took down, then painted the strip and added vinyl stickers.
And finally:
My favorite room of the house. As well it should be, because this room also got the most work of the entire house. We took down a wallpaper border, repainted the entire room, and added the vinyl border. Incase its hard to tell from the pictures, his room has a vintage '50s theme with lots of fun tin toys.

The sweet boy's bed.
An awesome retro dresser Natalie and I found at a local antique store.
The large window which is wonderfully accented with a cute old leather pram from Germany. Also, incase you can't read the saying, it says: "Such a big miracle for such a small boy".

Well, I hope you have enjoyed the tour!